Dressing up Sissies
August 22, 2015
Brittney’s little girl!
August 24, 2015

If you are an adult baby or just all around diaper lover, you’re in luck! I happen to be a bodacious, loving MILF ready to tease and please my sweeties! My favorite thing is running my hand over the back of a diaper and giving it a nice squeeze to see if it is in need of changing. And if I can’t tell in that way, I will not hesitate to bend down and give that diaper a good long sniff to check for freshness. If it is a wet diaper, I will help you up onto my changing table and lay you down to get you ready for the best diaper change of your life! Mommy will undo the tape on your diaper, pulling the top away from your naughty bits and running my hands down your thighs. Some baby powder and diaper cream later, and you won’t be thinking of anything else!

Let me take care of you!



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