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August 9, 2020

ABDL Sex Toys

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August 2, 2020

To All the New ABDLs Who Need a Mommy

Hi babies! I know that many of you adult baby cuties are long time or returning members to our lovely little nursery here. Today I want to make sure that all of the new babies and fresh faces that waddle or crawl into our safe space know just how loved and welcomed that they are! When you are an experienced ABDL Mommy like me, there are few things that make you happier than seeing little ones in need finally find a place where all of their ABDL dreams will come true! No matter what type of mommy you are looking for, we all love to spoil you rotten and keep you in line with our own special twists and methods of pleasure and punishment. Some of the mommies that are like me do not like to have to get very strict or rough with our little ones, but we certainly will if they need to be reminded who is in charge! Also, even I agree that mixing things up to do the opposite of what you normally do can be so exciting for everyone involved! Just a little while ago, I brought out one of my diaper sissies for a harsh lesson in public humiliation when they misbehaved that they will certainly never forget! No matter what you need from a mommy, you found the […]
August 1, 2020
abdl boy

Public Humiliation for My ABDL Baby Boy In The Gym

My little abdl and I finally returned to the gym for the first time, ever since being quarantined for the past three months. I dressed him in his pamper before we left the house. He had no idea what I had in store for him as he worked out on the exercise machines.  I walked over to him while he finished up his last set of reps with his biceps and I told him to accompany me to the water fountain.  As my little submissive, he is obedient and he listens.  I told him that because the gym is packed with so many people today he is going to enjoy some well needed humiliation. His face turned red in embarrassment and fear as he had no idea what Dommy Mommy Scarlet had up her sleeve.  I told him to take off his gym shorts and give them to me as he will be working out for the remainder of the day in his pamper for all to see.  He said, ‘But, Mommy Scarlet, they are going to kick me out of the gym.”  I told him, “The owner is a personal friend of mine who owes me a favor and he is well aware of this little stunt.”  Hesitantly, he gave me his gym shorts and he watched as everyone ogled him in his pampers. […]
July 26, 2020

Splish Splash – ABDLs in the Bath

Ewww! What a pair of stinky ABDL cuties I have on my hands today! What ever is a mommy to do? What a silly question, but mommy asked it to see what your reaction would be knowing that it was time to get all cleaned up like good babies. The look on your faces tells me that you are so very excited to get to take a bath with your fellow adult baby, and that you know how much fun you will have during bath time! Those diapers on your bottoms are so thick already, but I can tell — and smell, that you are both more than ready for a diaper change! Well that will come after we get you both squeaky clean in the bath! I run the water nice and warm so it relaxes and soothes you babies after such a long hard day. I always pour in a large amount of bubbles to make sure that you get to play and enjoy them while you splash in the bath and I wipe you down with a washcloth, getting every bit of mess off of you. What sweet babies this ABDL Mommy has! I am so lucky! After plenty of play time in the bath, the bubbles are starting to pop, the water is getting cold, and it is high time to […]
July 24, 2020
small penis humiliation

I Will Milk It So You Can Drink It

I have you blindfolded, bound and tied for a reason… and it is so you can’t move.  What I am about to do to you will require lots of patience and a bit of pain. But this is what has to happen in order for me to provide you with much needed nutrients in the form of liquid protein.  Though you are obedient to Dommy Mommy Scarlet most of the time, I need to get you to the part where you plunge straight into the pool with my commands without any doubt or questions.  Today, you are going to be milked.  Mommy Scarlet is going to take your little itty bitty clitty cock and I will milk it so you can drink it.  As you are tied, you feel me near and you feel my warm hands grabbing you by the balls ever so gently then I stroke my nails up and down your sac and gently squeeze them.  They feel so tight and heavy and full in my hands and that is good and it is expected.  You have not masturbated in a month as per my request as I wanted to make sure that your balls were really full for this moment.  I get some lotion from the dresser and rub it in my hand until it becomes nice and warm and I […]
July 15, 2020
Abdl mommy

Sucking Mangoes and Mommy’s Sweet Milk

  Baby, it’s time for you to suck on some sweet exotic mangoes then take your sticky mouth to suck out Mommy’s sweet and creamy milk. You are so famished and you need something sweet and creamy inside of your mouth,  in order for it to travel all the way down into your little tiny tummy. As I take you put of your comfy abdl crib, I pull you close to me and place you in my lap I tilt your head back and I squeeze a sliced mango’s juices into your little abdl mouth. The mango is so sweet, so you will stick out your tongue now and I will glide the mango all over it in order for you to continue to salivate. I want your mouth to be very wet as that is it’s purpose. It must always be prepared for use Mommy Scarlet’s body when it is summoned to do so.  You will suck it dry as the sticky droplets of the sweet mango juices fall on your tongue as I squeeze the last of it in your mouth then I tell you not to swallow. Keep the juices inside of your mouth for now until I tell you otherwise. You will obey and you will patiently wait in anticipation to see what Mommy Scarlet has planned for you. Now, I […]
July 14, 2020

The Importance of Spankings!

Hi babies! Come check out my new youtube video! XOXO, Candy 1-888-430-2010 Come chat with the phone sex mommies!
July 5, 2020

ABDL Age Regression Potions!

Hi sweeties! Your favorite ABDL Mommy has been awfully busy lately coming up with something that we are going to have ohhh so much fun playing with! I know that sometimes my poor little adult baby sweethearts have some trouble getting into that very perfect head space in order for them to truly let go of their fears and regress to their perfect “little” age. It can be so difficult, especially for my sweeties who do not get to have their adult baby mommy around all of the time. Lucky for you, I have come up with something that will do the trick the first time, each and every time! We just take this special age regression potion that Mommy cooked up for you, and we get it poured into one of your favorite baby bottles. We get it nice and warm, with me taking a moment to dribble and few drops of the potion on my wrist to test the temperature, and wouldn’t you know it, that those few drops completely revitalized my skin and removed any blemishes or creases found there. This is going to be a big step for mommy and babies alike! No more time spent crying because you can’t feel like the baby that you are inside if life is too yucky for you to focus on the good things […]
June 28, 2020

Missing Mommy? ABDL Phone Sex

Aww, poor little one was left all alone? How sad! I know that you are probably so scared and anxious right now thinking about all of the things that your ABDL Mommy does to take care of you every day, and wondering who on earth will do those things now that she is away. Do not worry your precious little head. ABDL Mommy Candy here to let you know that I am here for you day and night, any time that you might find yourself in need of love and care from a loving and experienced mommy like me! When that thick, stinky disposable adult baby diaper is full and sagging between your little legs, I will come and scoop you up and bring you to the changing table waiting just for you! We spend time giving you a tender and loving diaper change, wiping your little bits and making sure everything is squeaky clean and all powdered up before we get a fresh diaper up under your bottom. I think I hear your little tummy rumbling at me! Someone must be so hungry! Well Mommy has nice warm breastmilk, or a bottle prepared with love and care. I wonder what baby will want to suck on to fill him up before bed time. I will rock him and sing to him and then we […]
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