May 11, 2017

ABDL Mother’s Day!!

I don’t know if any of you babies remember, but it’s almost Mother’s Day! I know that traditionally the children are supposed to treat their Mommy on that day (and I wouldn’t say no if you did!), but I think the children should be treated extra special that day too.  So what do you say to a fun-filled day that you spend with your phone sex abdl Mommy? I would love to get you all dressed up in your nicest clothes, and take you out, show my big adult baby off, and make all the other Mommies jealous!  What would you like to do? I think I would like to take you to the baby races, and let you crawl your way to the finish line, with me there cheering you on, clapping and waving you towards me.  Or we could enter the cutest Mommy and baby contest…I know we could win that hands down!  What other things would you like to do? Call me for abdl phone sex and tell me all about your ideas. Brenda 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy                                                          #abdlmommy #adultbaby #abdlphonesex
February 7, 2017

Abdl Phone Sex Temper Tantrum

I bet you thought you would get away with that temper tantrum you had in the grocery store, didn’t you? I wouldn’t be surprised if you did, after all, I didn’t spank you in the store. I even got you the soda that you were fussing about, and I few more to add to that one! You have a very full bladder now, right? I know you do.  But you won’t be able to get away with what you did. You know how I feel about public displays, and you used that to your advantage. Now that we’re home, though…take off your pants, your abdl adult diapers, and I want you to bend over that stool I have set over in the corner. I’m going to spank you with the wooden paddle with the holes drilled in, forty smacks on each cheek!  It’s going to sting, and hurt so much that you may pee on yourself a little before you can stop yourself. You’re going to strain and try to hold it in, but it won’t matter.  It will matter even less when I’m done with your fetish spanking and you have to get off the stool and sit on that hardwood floor with your red, swollen, aching bottom. You won’t be able to move from that spot until I tell you to, and that won’t be until you can’t hold it any longer, and wet yourself like the snotty baby you are. Would you like to hear more? Call me for more phone sex abdl humiliation! Brenda 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #abdlfetish #harshmommypunishment #naughtyabdl  
December 29, 2016

Your First Time?

So this abdl mommy has a question for all of her adult babies and diaper phone sex lovers. Today were trying something new and were going to have an abdl community show and tell! Okay so today the topic is what was your expierience when you put on your first adult diaper. How did it make you feel? Were you excited when the first shipment arrived? Did your cock get rock hard? Were your hands trembling when you pryed open the box? How did it feel when the diaper first brushed up against your cock? Did you cum right then and there? Maybe you even stayed in it for a while to be even naughtier? I want to know all about your experience and go into every little deviant detail. Ugh diaper fetish phone sex gets me so hot Crissy 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #adultdiapers #bambinos #abdlstories
December 26, 2016

Crissy’s ABDL Christmas Gift.

It’s Christmas Day for Mommy Crissy and all of her adult babies, sissies and diaper lovers! Mommy always makes sure to do something special with her loved ones so today we’re going to have some fun with some age play phone sex! That’s right Mommy has seen how much of a good little abdl you’ve been all year! Santas noticed too and his and Mommys gift to you is to get naughty with your mommy so I can make my little adult babies and diaper lovers make big cummies all in their diapers. Mommy is gonna slide that hand in your diapy and start playing with you! My my your pee pee is so hard in your diaper you must be excited for your Christmas gift aren’t you? Aww well mommy still has much more to give you! Especially since mommys breasts are so full of milk they need some relief from my age regression phone sex lovers Crissy 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #incest #mommyfetish #diaperlover
December 5, 2016

Mrs. Claus’ Baby

I think this year mommy wants to make all your wishes come true. I’ll dress just like Mrs. Claus and let you sit in my lap. Tell me all the things you think you deserve from Santa this year. Have you been a good adult baby or have you been naughty. If you’ve been naughty you’ll have to answer to me. If you’ve been a good boy Santa will bring you all the toys you think you baby. After you’re done with your list I can tell you my list of naughty things I’ve done this year. Maybe you’ll help me remember wont you baby boy? Like when you spilt nail polish all over my new hardwood floors. Mommy was not happy at all so she bent you over the knee and gave you a good lesson learned. Or the time you walked in on mommy and daddy having play time and you stood in the corner with your hand down your adult diaper playing with your little peepee. Heheh Mommy likes that one the best.  Star 888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to PHONE SEX ladies #AdultBaby #LittlePeepee #PhoneSex
November 28, 2016

Someone Needs a Hug

I know you’ve had a rough week at school my love. I’m sorry all your college buddies found out about you wetting the bed. I know you like wearing your Adult diapers for that very reason. I know they just can’t stop making fun of you and your issues but baby, you’re perfect. I mean sure you started wetting the bed again at a late age but everyone has issues. Mommy loves you so very much. I just wanna cuddle you for the rest of the night. Make you know that at least someone is on your side in this. Hey I know some other lovely ladies that like Diaper Boys too. I’m sure that even though you wear those cute little puffy diapers in bed at night, you’ll find the perfect lady to love you unconditionally one day. Because I love you so so much cutie pie. Call me now for some sweet loving Phone Sex. Star 888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to PHONE SEX ladies #AdultDiapers #DiaperBoys #PhoneSex