October 25, 2016

Off to the Sissy Store

Legs up baby! I have to get you ready for our sissy girl make over. I know you have only ever been a mommy’s boy but mommy wants a baby girl now. I want to dress you up in cute little rhumba panties and frilly dresses. Show you off to all my mommy friends! We’ll all have so much fun Sissy training you and making you love being a baby girl! I just can’t wait to get you in a dressing room and force you into all these pretty girl panties and dresses! I just want to make you so so pretty! Just like mommy! You’re gonna love it baby. I know you hated when I made you a baby at first but you grew to love it, and you’ll grow to love it just like you grew to love being a mommy’s baby boy. We’ll make a game out of it! You just be a good baby girl for mommy in the mall ok. Muah! Star 888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to PHONE SEX ladies #RhumbaPanties #SissyTraining #PhoneSex
April 24, 2016

Surprise At The Mall

  We were at the mall the other day.  My cute little adult baby and me.  You see I told her we were going to go and try and dresses for her, and that she better be on her best behavior if she knows what’s good for her.  Well, I had just called the lady over to help us pick out some wonderful new dresses for her to try one when all of the sudden I smelled the smell mommy’s know is a very poopy diaper.  I turned my head to look at the little adult baby girl staring at the floor.  “Did you just do what I think you just did?”  She looks up at me “no Mommy.”  I grabbed her little arm and pulled her towards me so I can do a diaper check and confirm my suspicions.  No sooner had I pulled back the plastic panties then I saw the little present she left me in her diaper.  “Well guess you need a diaper change little missy” I said loud enough for people to stop and stare at us.  My little adult baby girl could have died from embarrassment then and there.  Do you need your diaper changed too or for Mommy to take you dress shopping?  Call me Tawny 888-430-2010 Come visit the Phone Sex mommies in our chat room.#Phone Sex   #Phone sex   #phone sex    #phonesex    #Tawny Madison     #TawnyM
April 21, 2016

My Sweet Baby Alyssa

My little Adult Baby Girl Alyssa can be such the sweetest little dear when she is behaving and listening to me, sometimes that isn’t often enough though.  Lately she has been getting spoiled since her birthday is coming up and I always want her to be the cutest baby girl ever.  Little missy has probably going on about twenty different outfits that I get to put her in and sometimes I think she sneaks my credit card and orders even more.  Lately she has been getting all cute little my little pony and hello kitty outfits with tops and matching diaper covers.  I started making sure all her new diaper covers have rhumbas on them to show her off to all my friends.  I just recently started making her wear cute little skirts with her onesies too.  We aren’t quite at buying her dresses but that is coming.  I may even let her aunties Crissy and Ava take her shopping for her very first dress at Binkies and Bows.  Lately she has been on her best behavior so I know something is coming with my baby girl and I am also sure another session with Mommy’s paddle will be in order followed by tears.  Let’s see what Mommy can pick out for you to wear to your next party.  Call me Tawny 888-430-2010 Come visit the Phone sex mommy Chat Room. #Phone Sex   #phone sex   #Phone sex  #AB/DL  #TawnyM
March 26, 2016

Sissy Whore

I’m Ms. Ava, and there’s nothing I love more then to dominate, emasculate and humiliate little sissy faggots like you. I like to train my little sissy baby sluts to properly suck cock and take it in your tight little  sissy pussy of yours  I will dress you up nice and sweet like my little dolly, give you pigtails and a pretty princess tiara while I fit you with stockings and a garter belt. Other times I will dress you up like a slut and pass you around. You will take it in the ass like a real cock craving sissy fag and by the time I’m done with your training you’ll be taking cock like a pro whore! You’ll be the newest cum craving sissy fag on the block and I’m sure all the men will love to get their hands on you! if your dick is smaller than 5 inches then you’re probably a sissy fag! Ava 888*430*2010 Click here to chat
October 28, 2015

Halloween Fun With My Sissy Slave

I have a sissy slave who has been calling me for quite some time now for some feminization phone sex. He loves to wear my panties and show them off in front of me and my girlfriends. He has an ex girlfriend he used to steal lingerie from for himself. Now he has a whole new wardrobe for himself. Me and my girlfriends have decided that for Halloween were going to host a little fashion show for all of our sissy slaves. Were going to bring our best outfits for our sexy little sissy sluts and they’re going to model them all for me and my girlfriends. We might even bring over some daddies to be the judges of who is the sexiest little sissy slut. So make sure you put on something real sexy for your mommy and daddy because this Halloween is all about sissy slut phone sex Candy 888 430-2010
September 17, 2015

Pegging My Sissy Slut

You are in big trouble young man. Mommy has caught you red handed this time. You thought mommy would be at the store when you decided to sneak into her room and pull out one of her dildos. You even had the nerve to get on mommy’s bed and use it! But little did you know Mommy forgot her purse so I had to walk back in the house. As soon as you hear that door crack your eyes go wide as mommy takes a good look at what she’s seeing. There you are with your cheeks spread with mommy’s dildo plunged right into that ass of yours. What do you think you’re doing? Do you like mommy’s dildo in your ass? Are you a little sissy fag? Well then if you enjoy that so much mommy has a surprise in store for you. I reach for the top shelf of my closet pulling out a shoe box and remove the lid. Inside is the biggest black dildo you’ve ever seen and this time it even has a harness attached to it! That’s right mommy is going to be using a strap on to peg that little ass of yours. Get on all fours for me now and spread those cheeks! You’re going to be mommy’s pegging phone sex sissy bitch! Crissy 888 430-2010