March 3, 2018

Sissy Alaina

My little Miss Mascara really is a dirty little whore for me. I just love having total control over that bimbo brain of hers, forcing her to give in more and more to her true purpose as a filthy little cock holster desperate to please Miss Jackie. It’s almost hard for me to believe that there was a time when this simpering cunt was considered anything close to male. Now the only thing hard about her is the cocks she takes at both ends. And I’m nowhere near finished molding her into the perfect sissy slut. The next step in her feminization is permanent makeup and eyelash extensions, so that she is truly unable to hide behind silly things like men’s clothing when she is out in public. Everyone she passes on the street should notice her hot pink, glossy, dick sucking lips, and those mascara framed fuck-me eyes. XOXO Mommy Jackie Click HERE to talk to a phone sex Mommy 1-888-430-2010 #bdsm #sissyslut #sissyhypno
December 5, 2016

Mrs. Claus’ Baby

I think this year mommy wants to make all your wishes come true. I’ll dress just like Mrs. Claus and let you sit in my lap. Tell me all the things you think you deserve from Santa this year. Have you been a good adult baby or have you been naughty. If you’ve been naughty you’ll have to answer to me. If you’ve been a good boy Santa will bring you all the toys you think you baby. After you’re done with your list I can tell you my list of naughty things I’ve done this year. Maybe you’ll help me remember wont you baby boy? Like when you spilt nail polish all over my new hardwood floors. Mommy was not happy at all so she bent you over the knee and gave you a good lesson learned. Or the time you walked in on mommy and daddy having play time and you stood in the corner with your hand down your adult diaper playing with your little peepee. Heheh Mommy likes that one the best.  Star 888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to PHONE SEX ladies #AdultBaby #LittlePeepee #PhoneSex
November 15, 2016

Teen Phone Sex

Daddy has a taste for teen phone sex pussy.  My white legs are open and his face is firmly planted between my thighs.  As his tongue glosses my slit, I am moaning.  I do like it.  I know I am not supposed to want my daddy to eat my pussy, but I do like it.  He has a big strong tongue.  Doesn’t even have to use his hands to part my pussy lips.  His fat tongue does all the work.  I am a loud, moaning pleasure beast for Daddy as he eats my young pussy. Recently, my daddy prefers a more hardcore approach to Daddy/daughter sex.  The last time he came to my room with his huge cock bulging out he told me that he’d eat my young cunt, but that he needed more from his girl.  He told me it was part of growing up. So, we started much as we always do.  He’d play with my tits and finger me a little.  He’d eat me.  Then he took his huge cock and shoved it deep into my mouth.  I gagged a little giving my dad a blow job like that.  I had never understood the term deep throat until then.  I still liked it.  I begged Daddy to fuck my throat.  He called me a shameless little cum slut. Then after the deep throating daddy said I needed to do more.  He came to my room.  We did all the previous stuff we had done and then he told me to bend over.  He told me to part my young phone sex ass cheeks so I did.  He told me, as his slid his cock into my asshole, that we could never have pussy sex–only anal because he didn’t want to get me pregnant.  At least not yet. It was a brutal awakening, but one that my Daddy said was necessary.  And it didn’t stop there.  I am glad my first anal phone sex was with Daddy though even though I felt a hot sense of shame and humiliation as his prick exploded into my tight little asshole! Liz 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #taboophonesex #analphonesex #fetishphonesex Save
November 5, 2016

Don’t Listen to Her

I had a meeting with your professor today. She noticed you had been wearing your diapers to class.. Can you explain that to me? We agreed that you would only wear diapers while you were at home with me. Why the sudden change of heart? I thought you only wanted mommy to change your dirty diapers. She says she wants to help you potty train. That she thinks the whole class would benefit from helping you with your problems. See she thinks you have a problem. I think you need to talk to your professor and address the misunderstanding. You see mommy doesn’t like to be called a negligent parent, and your teacher was about two words away from being forced into a diaper herself. I advise you clear this up or someone here will be tied to that crib in diapers for a very long time. My paddle collection has been retired for too long. Star 888-430-2010 Click HERE to talk to PHONE SEX ladies0 #PottyTrained #ForcedDiaper #PhoneSex
October 23, 2016

Need A Diaper Change?

Look at that Adult Diaper it is so full! Come here and let you ABDL, Mommy change you! Come here don’t make me chase you, sweetheart! You will not like what happens if you run from me. I will count to 3 and you better be right next to mommy soI can change you! 1…2… Good boy now come with mommy to your Abdl Nursery, so I can put you on your changing table. Now mommy is going to place you up there and slide down your shorts and plastic pants and undo the tapes of your diaper and fold it down. Then I am going to raise up your legs, and wipe your bottom then you balls. Then I am going to take another wipe and wipe your little pee-pee. Then I am going to slide the new diaper right underneath your bottom. After that, I am going to take my pinky finger and slide it right around your butt hole. If you want more call me for some ABDL Phone Sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #abdlphonesex #phoneamommy #Diaperlover
October 3, 2016

Bath Time!

Oh my goodness what are you doing? I can’t believe I just walked in on my sweet Adult baby playing in his poopy diaper. I mean look you got it everywhere, all over your face, chest, wall, and even in your hair! What shall your Abdl Mommy do about this? Oh, I think I know bath time!! So mommy is going to pick you up and take you to the bathroom and run  us some nice warm bath water and add some bubbles! Aww, look at you clapping you’re so excited! So let’s get you undressed and gently place you into the tub. Then mommy is going to slowly take off her bra and let it hit the floor followed by my panties and nightgown. I am going to slide into the tub right behind you. Once mommy is in the tub with  you I am going to take a cup and fill it with water and pour it nice and slow down your back. Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #adultbaby #diaperlover #toiletplay