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June 22, 2007
diaper forced
June 24, 2007
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Chillax…Don’t do it

What is up my naughty little Abies?

I have had such an eventful weekend. Last night I got to discover the Abies who into chat at 3am. Mommies, for a list, please let me know as they definitely should have been in bed. I am not above tattling, so just let me know.

I got a compliment today from one of my favorite little Abies. He told another mommy that I had gotten tougher. That’s right! The more I get to know you all, the stricter I get (insert evil laughter here). So thanks for the compliment. And don’t cross me.

Stop on by the chat room and say hello. Better yet, give me a call. Have a great week!

Bunches of love,

Mommy Star

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