Age regression
January 30, 2008
out on the town
January 30, 2008
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This is for all my babies who have been asking me what chores i need done this week.Well you have ask for a list so here it is.Last night we had 60 mile an hour winds ,now granny has trees that fell across her fence.So i need one of you to cut the trees up for me and another to stack it so i can have wood  for my fireplace.     also there is a lot of limbs all over the yard that needs to be picked up and if that s not enough to keep you busy for a little while then you can always clean up the leaves that blew into my yard from my lazy neighbors house.

When you  are finished come into the house for some nice hot chocolate with whipped cream on top.After the drink granny promises you a very special treat. So come on babies im waiting for you to show up and get the job done


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