Hello my darlings.
December 4, 2007
Give It A Try
December 4, 2007

stella.jpg UGH!  I love Christmas, but I hate, and I do mean HATE shopping this time of year.  Sometimes this season brings out the worst in people instead of the best.  I have seen people fighting, cutting  off in the parking lot, being snide to cashiers and complaining.  What is wrong with people? What is with all the Christmas Anger? I think people ought to lighten up, yes it’s hectic, and yes you do run across scrooges, but the best thing to do is remember that this a time for family and loved ones, a time to show the world that the human race can be joyous and have a giving and loving spirit.  Enough of this p*ssed off attitude, and get happy.  Otherwise, looks like I will have no set up a spanking booth in the mall right next to Santa, and as he says Ho Ho Ho, people in my both next door will be screaming NO NO NO!! lol

Have a happy day,


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