Punishing Sissy Baby
September 24, 2016
Let’s Do Dirty Things
September 26, 2016

Maid Phone Sex

I’m gonna change your diaper right now. I’m also going to dress you in this cute little maid outfit. I’m tired of cleaning up after you, so for a change, you are cleaning up after me today. I’ve gotten all of the cleaning supplies ready for you. I’m going to sit right here on the counter top and watch you clean my master bathroom in your cute little ABDL diaper. I better not find a single spot either. I think you can clean a bathroom once in a blue moon since I clean your bathroom so very often! I think this is a nice little rest for mommy.You are such a big help darling. Maybe next time you’re mommy’s perfect little helper we can dress you up in something cuter. Hehe. You’ll get your reward tonight when you call mommy for that fun phone sex you’ve been waiting for.



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