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April 25, 2007
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April 26, 2007
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Cloudy Day

just-me-stacie-2.jpg  Today is a cloudy day.  I love the rain.  There is something about a storm, the way the rain sounds as it pounds against the ground or deck.  The roll of thunder and that sudden loud CRACKLE, it makes me jump sometimes.  I love to sit out on my deck, in my favorite chair with a nice cup of tea and watch it.  Or go for a walk and get all wet then come home and take a nice hot bath.  Cloudy days are meant for daydreaming I think, or to read a book.  It slows you down a bit, makes you pause and consider what you are going to do.  It’s also great weather to be with a loved one and snuggle and cuddle with them.  All quiet and still, just leaning back against someone, both of you watching the rain streak the windows.  *happy sigh* I do so love these types of days.

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