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November 23, 2016
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November 26, 2016
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Come To Mommy!


I wanna spend some quality time with my big boy today! Now why don’t you come an lay on your abdl mommy’s lap while i breast feed you. You can feel the nice warm milk going down your throat. How does it taste my sweet Adult baby boy?
Good baby I am glad you like it! Now while your drinking the milk mommy is going to start rubbing the front of your Adult diaper nice an slow. You can hear the crinkling of your diaper as mommy starts rubbing faster, and faster! All
of a sudden I feel rumbling in the back of your diaper! Are you making a stinky mess for mommy? hmmm? Well, looks to me as if you did right here on mommy’s lap. I slide my hand and light pinch the fron of your diaper where I was rubbing my
hand it is super squishy doesn’t it, as I take your hand an have you pinch there you nod your head at me! See Baby boy I told you! Uh oh what is this sticking up in your diaper? Aww look how are you are getting by sitting in your full diaper
I think we can make it fuller, don’t you? Sure we can, I want you to make your special messes for mommy! I lay you down n your changing table and take my hand and start rubbing along your diaper once more and I see you start to wiggle and squirm
now now sweet pea quit squirming. Wanna know what mommy’s going to do next? Call me for some Abdl phone sex!
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