What Kind Of Mommy Do You Need?
March 24, 2018
Forced Diapered and Publicly Humiliated Part 2
March 27, 2018

Good job! That’s what mommy says when you eat all of your num-nums. My sweet little abdl loves feeding time, don’t you? Some days mommy let’s you have the bottle, sometimes you even get to have abdl breastfeeding phonesex time. Those times are very special and they happen when your being a very good abdl. Your so happy on mommy’s lap drinking my warm milk, looking up at me with those loving eyes making those sweet little swallowing sounds and cooing at me. Oh mommy’s adult baby is so sweet. Sometimes you like to sit in your highchair and play hear comes the choo-choo with mommy, you always eat your veggies like a good ab when we play that game. Remember that time at your birthday party when you got so hungry mommy had to breastfeed  you in front of all those people? You sat on my lap, I unbuttoned my dress to get to my nursing bra…let’s talk about what happened next, give mommy a call!



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