Sensual spankings
February 19, 2008
Gag Bag
February 20, 2008

Some of Nanny’s babies like those soft white cloth diapers so that means every once in awhile Nanny can’t avoid laundry day. Nanny doesn’t like the stains but the abies love laundry day. All those soapy suds make the place smell so nice. Fresh from the dryer those warm soft fluffy white diapers all in a pile and ready to be folded, it’s a diaper baby’s dream! Nanny loves to sing you songs while you play with your toys and I fold all those diapers into puffy stacks all ready for Nanny’s diaper-wearing abies! Then they go in the nursery closet with all the disposable diapers. Every diaper baby loves a different kind of diaper but with Nanny’s full nursery, we have to keep all sorts and when it’s time for a change you can be sure that Nanny has just the right diaper just like your Mommy always has.

Nanny Ella

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