You Have To Stay In Diapers!!
March 18, 2019
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Jenna Wants To Tease A Silly Abdl Boy! (part 1)
March 23, 2019

As his giggling dommy mommy lifted him from the abdl car seat, Kenny’s mind was running a mile a minute trying to figure out what kind of diaper domination his Mommy had in store for him. All he wanted to do was go right back home and watch MILF sex porn with her while she teased him, this public humiliation was too much for him to handle! But his Mommy had other plans in mind as she brought him into the home ec class and let all the girl’s chatter fall quiet as they saw the adult baby she had brought with her. She sat her diaper sissy Kenny down on a big table right up front and had all the young ladies gather around to see her demonstration. Kenny pouted and whimpered, stuck between loving being the center of attention and being terrified of the humiliation he felt. As he felt her undo the tapes on his overfull diaper he began to cry just like the baby he was.


Mommy Jackie

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