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October 25, 2016
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October 26, 2016
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Diaper Sex With Mommy Crissy


Stop your scrolling right there and take a minute to read about the awareness of diaper lover phone sex! Sometimes the whole aspect of normal plain vanilla sex is just too bland and unexciting to do the trick for most people anymore. And when you made it your life’s work to specialize in and embrace the idea of masturbation in a diaper you know all too well how it has completely dominated your callers sex lives. Most of my callers can’t even get a hard on outside of a diaper let alone getting excited enough to be able to get off and bust a nut. Sometimes you’ll run into a caller so fixated on the idea of it that they start to transition themselves into wearing a diaper around the clock full time. They let their fetish nurture itself and bloom into a whole new life style as a consistent diaper lover. Just shows their commitment to abdl phone sex!



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