Diaper Sissy Phone Sex
Diaper Sissy Phone Sex
November 5, 2016
Punishment Phone Sex
November 7, 2016

potty-trained phone sex

I had a meeting with your professor today. She noticed you had been wearing your diapers to class.. Can you explain that to me? We agreed that you would only wear diapers while you were at home with me. Why the sudden change of heart? I thought you only wanted mommy to change your dirty diapers. She says she wants to help you potty train. That she thinks the whole class would benefit from helping you with your problems. See she thinks you have a problem. I think you need to talk to your professor and address the misunderstanding. You see mommy doesn’t like to be called a negligent parent, and your teacher was about two words away from being forced into a diaper herself. I advise you clear this up or someone here will be tied to that crib in diapers for a very long time. My paddle collection has been retired for too long.



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