Mommy Lizabeth’s Rules
October 10, 2015
New Things for Baby
October 11, 2015

As the leaves on the trees change with the weather, so do the things that mommy needs to dress you in to make sure that the chilly winds do not bite your soft skin. Instead of cotton sundresses in bright pastels with spaghetti straps –or no straps at all!–, mommy will be dressing you in long sleeved coats and gowns down to your ankles. Soft velvet can be used for the material since the cool air will keep you from getting too hot! And we must make sure you are comfortable! It is my plan to walk my sweet sissy around for all the world to see! We can go to the park and when you sit down to play in the sandbox and build castles with all of the other children, all of us mommies will point and laugh at the big sissy boy in a dress playing like a child! I wonder how you would feel about that!




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