Bath Time Abies
October 23, 2007
Cloth anyone?
October 24, 2007

joan.jpgFeeding time, baby.  I have the high chair out and ready and your special baby food just the way you like it.  We’re going to slip you into your high chair… oh, your diaper is so nice and thick it’s like a little cushion for your cute little abie bottom. here comes your bib, baby, because you always manage to make such a mess, somehow.  How do you do that when Granny has the spoon.  Just enough for one mouthful. Open wide, here it comes! Mmmm, just the way you like it, isn’t it?  Yummy in your tummy.  Say “thank you granny Joan” and open up, here’s some more!  Granny loves feeding her special babies and the trip to the changing room that always comes next.
Call Granny Joan at feeding time

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