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February 1, 2008
Daddys Little Girl is Versatile
February 5, 2008

Each time I pick up the phone I know I am in for a surprise.  I hold my breath and wonder what will happen.  And most of the time I am so pleasantly shocked at how amazing my phone counterpart makes me feel.  Each week I have amazing experiences that leave me smiling and excited.

I just love those moments of connection.  Sometimes it comes in the heat of the moment when one of us just starts laughing for no reason.  Often I feel it in your heartfelt thank you as I hang up the phone.  You share your experiences, your fantasies and your souls with me.  I am so very lucky.

I have come to think of Sundays as a new beginning.  Each Sunday I know a week full of new stories, scenarios and fun lies ahead.

What will this week bring?

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