Momma Lorraine looking out for her Babies
October 26, 2007
Strict Nanny Rachel handing out lectures and more
October 27, 2007

5101.jpg     “Mommy told me that if I didn’t stop kissing the baby girls that you would make me into a baby girl toooos” he said. I smiled at him and said well your Mommy is no liar and today you will learn all about being a wittle baby girl, helpless against the others. First I pulled off the little train top he had on and replaced it with a cute pink butterfly blouse and his jean shorts for a pink skort.

     Before the skort went on though I got him thickly diapered in cloth diapers and adorable pink rhumba plastic panties. He spent the rest of the day as Nanny Scarlet’s sweet baby girl. He was hesitant in the beginning and had to get spankies and soap in the mouth but he did eventually learn that wasn’t going to work. When his Mommy picked him up he was so sweet and obedient. Are you in need of some baby girl treatment?

Mommy Scarlet

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