Coming Out in This Fetish
March 17, 2008
Pot Of Gold
March 17, 2008
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Food Play

food-play.jpg  I have just recently discovered a wonderful fetish.  Some call it Food Play, some call it Messy Play, but I call it delicious.  It happened one day when I was eating some ice cream.  I lost some off the spoon and it landed between my thighs, that wonderful cold sensation on my inner soft thigh made me shudder.  I experimented a little bit; side note: never ever put anything inside you that contains sugar, you are asking for a very nasty infection if you do so; and found that playing with food on your body is quite fun and enjoyable.  Then I started to think about some of you, how I would love to feed you, making sure that some of the food dripped down your little tummy and onto those sweet little thighs, so I can clean it off *grins*


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