Naughty Sissy Spanking
March 18, 2018
I’m The Emasculation Phone Sex Queen!
March 20, 2018

I actually think it’s fun when little sissy babies try to act like grown men. It’s so much fun because I get to force them into being the little sissy ABDL babies I know they are!  At first they are always resistant trying  to not be a little pussy baby but I know the truth and I make it happen every time. I get them in their tight pretty little diapers and they can’t help but want to stay in them. They get so excited when I tell them I’m going to change their little diapers their lil pee pee jumps and gets hard. And of course when mommy changes her little pussy baby that’s not allowed! Then I have to punish my lil pussy baby’s bottom and spank them with my big pink brush till their cheeks are bright red! Of course when the spankings done I’ll make sure to put powder and cream all over them your bottom, To soothe the stinging. Won’t you give me a call so I can have you with you and some Forced age regression. If you want to hear more give me a call

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