Pegging Bitch Chapter One
November 15, 2015
Please allow me to introduce myself
November 17, 2015
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Forced Regression

I love age regression phone sex and everything that comes with it but I think it’s 10 times better when it’s forced onto someone against their will. Yes I am quite fond of breaking strong willed men and regressing them back down to nothing more than a little baby. Of course at first they’re going to try and fight it and fuss that they’re an adult and don’t want to be treated like an abdl but after I forced them into diapers for a little while they actually end up enjoying it a little. I love when I tell them that they can’t use the big boy potty anymore because he’s not a big boy. They end up being mortified at the very thought and try to hold it in for as long as they can but I have ways of countering that. They won’t be able to hold it too long if Mommy slips some laxatives and diuretics into aby’s bottle. Then they’ll have no choice but to go in their diaper! So there’s no more use for the big boy potty anymore if you’re in a diaper. Mommy is going to show you the wonders of abdl phone sex




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