November 17, 2015
ABDL Playmate
November 23, 2015

Hello sweet little ones! It is that time of year again! You guessed it! Time to give thanks for all of the mommies who take their time and love to do their best taking care of you all of the time! I am sure that you will want to eat a yummy Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, right? Well all of you adult babies better be on your best behavior and ready to help your mommy out if she needs it! After sweating over that hot stove all day, her diaper lovers might have to spend a little bit of extra time in their wet diapers! Hehe. Not that all of them would mind it! Mommy will do her best to be patient I am sure, but if any babies decide to act naughty when she asks them to behave, you can be sure that she will bend them over her knee and give them several swift spankings until they learn their lesson!




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