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March 9, 2008
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March 9, 2008
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Good Old Cartoons

for-stella.jpg  Cartoons have changed so much since I was a little girl.  Not that I am very old mind you, but they still have changed.  This the fun side of me.  Yes I can be stern, and have to discipline my little ones frequently (actually I think they just might enjoy it.), but I still like to spend time with them having fun.  Cartoons are a major part of childhood.  My one cousin had a massive comic book collection.  He was very anal about it.  Kept them in plastic sleeves so no finger prints would get on them.  I would go to his house and just look at cover after cover of them.  It amazed me that someone would have so many.  It’s a happy memory that I have.  Do you have a favorite cartoon? I would love to hear what it is.  Drop me a line some time.


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