April 12, 2008
Retro Mommy Diva
April 12, 2008
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Granny Panty Play

Over the past few weeks I have sold a lot of my panties.  Do you know how good it makes me feel that someone would like to have a pair of my panties.  One sissy that bought a pair called me and commented that they were not what she was expecting.  I said, oh? what were you expecting? She giggled and said, grannie panties not these sexy ones.  This made me laugh a little bit.  Not all grannies wear big huge panties.  Some of us wear sexy ones, or semi sexy ones.  We like to surprise people around here with what we can do and how we are.  So sweetie, I hope you enjoy the panties, and are happy when you wear them, kisses.
Granny Silvie

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