Baby girl Janey
March 4, 2008
Medical Fetish Role Play
March 4, 2008
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Grown up time

phone.gifAfter a long day taking care of my precious babies mommy needs some grown up time. Thats when I am very happy to get phone sex calls. I love my abies more than anything but mommy has needs to. It is so nice to slip into something sexy and hop into bed just in time to get that call. I hear your voice on the other line so full of lust and want. And I know it is me who can give it to you. My words wash over you, making your passion for me grow until we both can no longer hold back. Yes I love to do all kinds of calls. It really doesn’t matter what the fetish is or if it is just straight sex. And I promise when you call I will be as turned on a you.

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