October 27, 2007
Call Mommy Robin before Nap Time!
October 27, 2007

Hello pretty abies.  I have so many costumes for all my little sissies, what are you going to be for Halloween?  Are you a pretty little girl for me?  let’s paint your pace like a porcelain doll.  Look at Mommy’s pretty little sissy doll.  or maybe you want to be a princess?  I have the perfect pink flowing dress and you will look so pretty with long silky hair and your sparkling princess tiara.  Mommy Shirley wants to show her little sissy girl off to all her friends!  Let’s go ask all the ladies “trick or treat?” but what will my little sissy do if they say “trick”?  well you have a little trick in your panties, don’t you?  teehee
Call Mommy Shirley, let’s pick a costume together

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