Someone Needs a Hug
November 28, 2016
Mrs. Claus’ Baby
December 5, 2016


Christmas is right around the corner my naughty little abdl incest phone sex lovers! Mommy Ava has been making sure her little adult babies, diaper lovers and sissy adult babies have been being on their best behavior! After our trip to the mall to see Santa, when they got on his lap to ask for their Christmas list he looked over at me and said you better be good little abdl lovers for Mommy Ava so you don’t end up on the naughty list! Let’s just say that ever since that little visit to Santa’s Workshop in the mall did the trick because so far they’re being my little abdl angels! Let’s see if age regression phone sex will keep them off the naughty list this year or else Mommy is going to have to deal with all my naughty adult babies to teach them a lesson!



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