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November 12, 2016
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November 14, 2016
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Hi There Sweet Girl Part 1


Come here to your abdl mommy my sweet girl. I want you tell mommy how your day was! and how was school? Awesome baby I am so glad and double yay you
went all school day with no accident! You are a great Adult baby girl! You deserve a reward for being such a good girl! So come here sweety lets go
shopping! i know how you love going shopping with mommy! So lets get your diaper bag ready! Come on you can help me first go grab me 12 diapers and
bring them to mommy! Next go grab me a box of wipes. Good girl now the diaper cream and baby powder, next we need an extra 2 pairs of plastic panties,
and an extra outfit! Good girl now lets get you a sippy cup made for the road and an extra one for the diaper bag! Great! now come on sweet baby lets
get you in the car and all strapped in, here is a toy to play with. But first mommy wants to take a picture of how cute you look in your car seat! Ready
1.2.3 say cheese! Good girl now we are driving to the mall an we pull in and park I get your stroller out of the trunk and then unstrap you from your
car seat. Call me for some abdl phone sex!
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