Diaper Needed For Little WeeWee!
May 6, 2018
Mommy’s Good Boy
May 8, 2018

Hello all you cute little ABDL Phone Sex babies. I did some searching on the net because I wanted to learn more about what is humiliating to littles. Please enjoy what I found out.

Being naked except for a diaper makes baby feel very humilitied. The humiliating part is being topless showing your chest , rather a little girl or little boy, is out while sometimes a very soggy diaper is hanging between your legs. Even though nobody else will see baby except mommy, being so exposed humiliates the adult baby.

Another adult baby humiliating thing that’s related is when a mommy makes the baby walk around while they are only in a diaper after its been wet. Once wet mommy wants to keep baby that way for as long as she can as she knows it’s humiliating for baby. The longer and more wet the baby is the more my soggy the diaper hangs and humiliates baby because every time baby moves it is a reminder of why the baby is diapered.

The last one is being wet for a long time (2 days in the same diaper) and then sleeping in it. If baby doesn’t wet a lot, mommy can take advantage from this by making baby wear the same diaper for a long time until it’s extremely full. Sometimes a baby can sleep in a adult diaper that’s been wet for a long time and the feeling of it really makes babies blush.



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