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May 14, 2008
May 14, 2008
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Humiliation Chart

I was just reading Betsy’s post. I do so agree with the sentiment that a woman should punish in lieu of divorce. I have a humiliation chart that I have for my AB’s that would work well for naughty husbands. I have all the different offenses listed, along with coordinating punishments. On ocassion I have to add something, but for the most part I have everything covered. On this chart I have everything from sucking a pacifier to urinating in a cat box in public and beyond. I know I have some naughties out there in need of some serious punishment. Have all the run of the mill punishments been used on you already? Well then you need to come see me . I have something on my list for everyone, no matter HOW naughty you have been.
Mommy Suecum see me

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