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May 14, 2008
one sweet mommy
May 14, 2008
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I had a very long day today

Today was so hard! After school I had to run to Mr and Mrs. Dickerson to watch there two boys Sammy and Robert. Cute boys but very hard to deal with. They just wanted to play, play, and play! They were a hand full! When it was time for dinner they wanted pizza instead of dinner that mommy cooked for them, and when it was time take sleep they wanted to stay up longer! And, you know this does not make me happy! So I warned them to go to sleep or I was going to give them both spankings! They said no again! So I grabbed both of them by the ears, put them over my knees and gave them a hard spanking until there bottoms were bright red. They were crying so I felt bad gave them both hugs and tucked them into bed. Know there both quite to sleep. Now, I’m all alone and need some one to talk to about this long day.

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