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November 29, 2018
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December 4, 2018
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It’s Time For Your Diaper Training


It’s not for all the sweet adult babies and diaper lovers out there, but there are some that want to be one hundred percent incontinent. It absolutely can be done, but it’s not a quick process! You will stay in diapers, and you will use your diapers. I will make you incontinent, I will take away any choice you have right now about wearing diapers. You can wear diapers for days, but if you decide to take them off there aren’t any consequences. You don’t have to worry about having an accident, about having a wet spot spread down your pants legs where everyone can see what you did. With the proper diaper training that will be a very real concern for you. You will get to the point that it will only be a question of when you have an accident, not if you have an accident. Call so that we can start your diaper training phonesex.



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