sissy babies
December 6, 2007
Hello All You Wonderful Sissies!
December 7, 2007

laurens-avatar-pic.jpgSo many people see my picture and think, “Oh, Mommy Lauren is just a sweet innocent mommy…she would never ….She is just too sweet for me.” Yes, I am sweet, but I am so much more.

I am an ever-changing mommy so that I can tailor myself to suit my Abies’ needs. I encounter men longing to be forced into a diaper and forced into being a baby, sissies longing to be changed into girls, and men longing to be dominated by a beautiful mommy. I love them all! Why? Because, I strive to meet all of my Abies’ needs to the best of my abilities. I am a chameleon, willing to change my mothering skills based on the needs of each baby that comes into my care. I pride myself in giving my all to each of my Abies, regardless of their needs.

I will always strive to give my best to all of my Abies. Whatever needs you may have, you can always call Mommy Lauren because I aim to satisfy!

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