Mommy Jenna goes shopping
October 17, 2015
October 18, 2015
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Rendering of simple children's toys. Wooden alphabet cubes spelling word toys, wooden pyramid puzzle and a colorful ball.

As an ABDL mommy, I am constantly in a position of power. My little ones look up to me and expect me to help them do things and make decisions for them that they may not be able to do or decide on their own. Even the simplest of tasks, like eating or going potty need mommy to be right there to hold their little hand. Some mommies out there in the world make it seem like doing things like that in order to take care of their sweet adult babies is a burden! I can never believe my ears when I hear about something like that! I absolutely love getting to spoil my obedient and sweet diaper lovers! When they behave, mommy loves to cover them in candy and gifts, cuddles and kisses! Getting to coddle and nurture my little sweeties is one of the best parts about being a mommy!




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