Mothers Day
May 8, 2016
Happy Mother’s Day!
May 8, 2016
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Locking Sissies in Chastity

If there is one thing that this abdl mommy knows all too well, it is exactly what it is that needs to be done with a teeny tiny little pee-pee like yours… Girls can be so mean and cruel, you know. I would hate to see some little girl take a look at that little thing between your legs and laugh about it. I know that you do not want that either, and that is why you must listen to mommy when I say that I am all the woman that you need! In fact, you should not have to worry about being tempted to use that teeny little peeny. We are going to do something very special to make sure that it does not get too excited and threaten to get you into trouble. I know you will come to love how mommy is always locking you in chastity.




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