Diaper sex
Diaper Phone Sex
November 12, 2016
Helping with the Laundry
November 14, 2016

phonesexYou look so cute in that outfit!! I love those little shorts you can really see the thickness in that adult diaper! You know what my adult baby boy? I might even add a second or a 3rd diaper on you! Now come here and let me just slide those on you really quick. Lay down now !! Good now I am going to slide the second diaper right underneath your bottom and then fold it up and tape it. Its time for the 3rd one and I do the same thing I did with this adult diaper, then I slide on those cute shorts with you knee-high socks and your bow is straight! You look so cute! Wait we are only missing one thing your binky! Now we go and slide on your dress shoes and its time to video your adorable diaper waddle! Now look at mommy and turn around!! Call me for some ABDL phone sex!



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