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I got to play with a Daddy with very particular tastes recently. We drove to the playground together and he told me to go find a plaything. He said he wanted something pretty and blonde to toss around and that I was to go and pick one and lure her back to the car. As I was getting closer to the playground I saw the perfect little treat on the swings, I asked her if she wanted to come play with me and when she agreed I told her I needed to get something from my Daddy first, but that she could come with me to get it. When we got to the car I opened the door and Daddy reached right out and snatched her in! He told me to get in and take her so he could drive us home. I had to hold really tight on to her cause she was squirming all around and kicking her arms and legs. When we got home Daddy had me take her down into the basement and “get her ready”. I tied her down on the bed on her back and used a pair of scissors to cut off her panties, skirt, and top. I left them all underneath her, just pulled open, cause I knew Daddy would like to see her there in her shredded clothing hehehe! Then I got the big jar of Vaseline Daddy keeps by the basement bed and I spread it all over her little puffy pink cunt and made sure I got her tiny asshole lubed up too! I knew Daddy would want to use all her holes! When he came downstairs, Daddy smiled at me while he rubbed the front of his pants. I smiled back and rubbed my fingers on her slit to tease him…. hehehe Daddy loved that. He started to unbuckle his belt and walk towards the bed… So you thought you’d just sneak off into Cousin Jenna’s room and have yourself a little fun huh heeheehee! And now here you are, with a pair of panties wrapped around your peepee and another pair bunched up against your nose. HAHAHA that look on your face is just priceless! If you don’t want me to tell my mommy that you’re a little pervy boi you better do whatever I say! What kinda naughty little boi plays with his cousin’s panties anyway huh? I think I know what you were planning on doing… see I’ve been finding my dirty panties in the strangest places. And whenever I find ‘em they’re all stiff and crusty… like somebody’s been doing something dirty to them. SO, unless you want me to go downstairs right now and tell my mommy AND your mommy what youre doing up here, you better show me how my panties have been getting so dirty. Go on, rub your peepee all wrapped up in my panties and show me how you make yourself squirt. Here, I’ll even help you… you can have the panties I’m wearing right now! Heehee, I know those are nice and warm huh? They make your little stiffy twitch, don’t they? Come on then, I’m waiting…
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