Summer Fun With Abdl’s
February 19, 2017
My Cute Diaperlover!
February 23, 2017

STOP! Don’t you dare run from your Adult Baby Diaper Lover Mommy! Where do you think you are going with that messy diaper? I have told you about playing in your messy diaper. Get your hand out of that poop! That’s it … You are going to be punished NOW! Wait.. Did you just smear that poop on your adult baby mommy’s bedroom wall? “Yes Ma’am” Why would you do that? I don’t even want to hear it. Crawl to your adult baby diaper lover mommy now you little dirty girl. Stand up! Bend over! POW! POW! Does that feel good? Do you like it when your adult baby diaper lover mommy spanks you with her paddle while you have a messy diaper on? Now you are going to sit in that messy diaper for the rest of the day! Call me you  diaper lover!



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