All Kinds of Mommy’s Out There
August 10, 2018
Liz’s Sissification Training Classes
August 12, 2018

I hope you realize that I except you to crawl like a good baby for your abdl fetish Mommy. That’s how babies get around, especially when they have on as many thick abdl diapers as I’m going to keep you in. It’s much cuter than waddling everywhere! I want to be able to reach out and boop your nose or pat your diapered bottom or straighten your hair with my fingers whenever I please, which means you need to stay at ground level for me. I want my sweet wittle baby in close reach as much as possible! I don’t think you will have a single problem with that, unless you misbehave and I have to reach out to smack that naughty bottom of yours! You might whine and fuss then, but spankings are an absolute necessity, and that’s that. Is it time for your well-deserved spanking? Call me for your abdl spanking phonesex.

Midget Mimi


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