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June 17, 2007
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June 18, 2007
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Momemy Sue’s trip to Kidfest

Hello all:

I just wanted to tell you about this great weekend I had. I went to a kidfest!! It had all sorts of amazing things there. Everything from custom Bling Binkies to bonnets with ponytails attached t the back. How cute was that. I even found some diapers that played music when you tinkle in them, who would have thunk it. Needless to say my arms were filled with bags of goodies. I guess I did my christmas shopping early this year. Now if they could only make a diaper that moans when it is full (lol). I think alot of you would be in big trouble with that one!

I brought one of my AB’s into the Carters store yesterday, lets just say the dressing room was not the most comfy place to change a diaper! What a messy, but we had fun doing in and left in a hurry. Maybe next time you can go shopping with me and we can try out someone else’s dressing room!

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