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July 10, 2017
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July 11, 2017
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Mommy Barb has Fun with her Son

I have this sexy son that has a nice cock. I have dreamed about riding my little boy for so long. One day I decided I was going to seduce my son. I dressed up in a slutty red dress with nothing else on but my stockings and heels. I picked my son up from school and I could tell he was getting hard from his mommy. When we got home he dashed up to his room as fast as he could. I followed slowly to give him time to start masturbating like I knew he was going to. When I got to his door I could hear him wanking fast and hard so I opened his door. “Hi sweetie, can mommy play too?” My son froze completely unsure of what to do, so I pushed him over to lay on his bed, stripped my dress off and climbed on his lab. As my son’s thick cock slide into my dripping wet pussy I knew I made the right choice and mommy was going to play with her son a lot more.

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