Lonely Adult Baby Phone Sex Part 1
September 15, 2017
Submission Is In Session
September 18, 2017
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Mommy Barb Gives Baby a Treat

My little one has been a good boy lately, Mommy Barb has a treat for you. Lay down, sweetie, mommy is going to take your diaper off and stroke that cock of yours. Once my baby boy is nice and hard mommy is going to lick that tip and slowly take your whole cock in my mouth. Mommy is going to then start bobbing her head up and down making sure to tasted every inch of her adult baby’s cock. My mouth is filling up with little one’s pre-cum, he really does love having mommy suck on his cock. Mommy is going to make sure to tongue that pee slit at the time, making sure to taste every inch of my sweet boy’s cock. Is my little baby going to cum in mommy’s mouth and give her all that cream? Let mommy taste you baby, she loves how you taste. Mommy always loves giving her little boy a blow job.

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