April 8, 2008
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April 9, 2008
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Mommy is still a Mommy

Mommy is still a mommy… its true.  I love all my baby’s.  Yes I do love to play with the older boys.  I love to teach them how to be a man. How to please a woman.  Mmmmm it is so nice.  But I am still a mommy.  I love to hold and love my little baby’s.  To make sure they are warm and well fed.  Clean and dry.  Bath time, diaper time and play time.  And I am not afraid to scold when needed.  I have to admit… I really enjoy feeling an ab/dl snuggled up to my breast as I rock them to sleep.  It excites me in so many ways.  It makes me feel so loved.  I can’t wait to have my special time with my baby’s….

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