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February 3, 2018
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February 10, 2018
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Mommy Jackie Forces You To Mess

You had no idea that juice this morning was laced with sleeping pills, did you honey bun? Aww somebody is feeling a little groggy now. Hehe oh, are you just now noticing the adult diaper? Yes its amazing how easy it was to get onto you once you were out, you know you’ve been acting like a baby lately and now I’m going to treat you just like the big baby you are. Oh no, no, don’t take it off, you’re definitely going to want it. Can you start to feel that gurgling building in your belly? Or, rather, a little further south. Haha oh the diaper should have been the least of your concern, sugar, that glycerin working its way through you might be a more pressing matter. You’re going to make such a big mess for Mommy!

-Mommy Jackie

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