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October 11, 2015
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October 18, 2015
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Mommy Jenna goes shopping

Today I went shopping to look for a new sissy dress.

I was looking for something short enough to show just a hint of your diaper underneath. I also wanted something in a soft pastel that would show off your feminine side and match the pale pink blush I have. I think cap sleeves look the cutest on my sissy babies.

One dress had this little “corset” like section in the middle that accentuated and small waist and full diapered hips. It would be perfect to give you a girlish figure.

The shoes were a bit more complicated. I wanted something that wouldn’t make you look to grown up (you are my baby after all) but would still look feminine and fit well. I sound these little flat ballerina shoes. They have bows at the ankle and complete the perfect little sissy baby outfit.

I can’t wait to take them home and make you all nice and pretty.




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