So thankful…for diaper changes!
November 29, 2015
Diaper Changes with Mommy Candy
November 29, 2015

It is the time of year again where all of us mommies get to really show our precious little ones just how much we care! Thanksgiving was quite a labor of love for us as we spent our day slaving over a hot stove so that we could end the day with a beautiful feast for our honeys to enjoy! Now that we all have full tummies and full hearts, we can start thinking about what to buy for our loved ones for Christmas! I just love getting to go shopping for my adult babies! They always have so much fun with the fun things that I buy them! I always pick up lots of adult baby diapers for them so that we do not have to make emergency diaper runs when it is snowing hard outside! My diaper lovers absolutely love all of the diapers I get them for the holidays! Everyone is happy when I am through with them! 🙂




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