One Hot Older Woman
October 3, 2007
Dirty Granny
October 4, 2007

photo_00.jpg  Today Mommy Maggy got to play with one of her favorite sissy ABies.

He had been a naughty boy, so Mommy Maggy made him take off all of his clothes, and put on a pair of white rumba panties with pink ruffles and little flowers. Then Mommy Maggy took her little Sissy ABie over her knee and gave him a good, hard spanking.

Just as the spanking was ending, the neighbor lady and her little son came over to visit, so Mommy Maggy dressed her little Sissy ABie in a pretty pink and yellow and blue plaid sundress to greet the neighbors in.

We were all downstairs in the living room having some lemonade, when Mommy Maggy remembered that her Sissy ABie needed a diaper on under his rumba panties, so she started to change her Sissy ABie in front of the neighbor lady and her little son…

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