Mommy Candy Shows Off Her Sissy Baby
July 24, 2015
Needed: A Few Bad Boys
July 27, 2015
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Mommy Sabrina’s sissy

Every time Mommy Sabrina goes to get dressed I am always finding my stockings and panties missing.  I know where to find them though.  My sissy bitch has them in his dresser drawer.  Why must my adult baby wear my clothes instead of buying your own?  I love that you want to humiliate yourself and dress like mommy but, this is getting ridiculous !  My submissive doesn’t even steal my clothes and he likes them more than my adult sissy baby does.  Do you want to be mommies sissy cuckold all your life?  Do you want to be humiliated every time we go out in public?  If you like that then, maybe it is time you step into Mommy Sabrina’s world of domination.  Come see what it’s like to step out of hiding your sissy bitch ways and let the world see what a great cuckold you can be.  Be mommies submissive for a day and find out if that is really what you desire.  



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