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February 5, 2008
February 5, 2008
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Mommy will bring you out of your shell

I have been coming across some shy little ones in chat lately. They want to call so bad but they have never shared their fetish with anyone before. Well I just want to say to you there is no need to be afraid and alone anymore. All the mommies here have had experience in dealing with someone who is shy and scared. We know just what to do to make you feel comfortable. We are here to listen, to give advice, to play, whatever you need. That is what mommies are for right? And you are not alone here. We talk to people everyday who have the same fetishes, with the same fears and concerns as yours. Many of us have had to deal with these things personally too. So there is no one better to talk to. So pick up the phone and give a mommy a call. Whether its for play or you just need someone to talk to.

Mommy Josie loves all her sweet abies

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